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Test MarketingOur test-marketing tools can help convert more visitors into customers by determining which messages and design features are more effective for your particular visitors.

From testing, we can tell us which of two versions of a Web page are more effective or which version of a message on a single page is more effective.

For example, we can run experiements over a set of pages that may have slightly different layouts, functionality, content, and images to see which ones perform the best.

Additionally, we can test various price points, premiums, trial periods, purchase incentives or other similar purchase incentives both individually and in combination with each other.

These tools allow us to optimize your return on investment by providing more relevant and engaging information.

Test marketing can determine the effectiveness of your website to ensure that you getting the most from your visitors that you can.

These techniques have long been used by direct marketers to determine the effectiveness of products and services.

Our testing is significantly less expensive than testing the more traditional ways of telephone surveys, focus groups, etc.

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