Web Design & Development

We realize that in modern Web environments with so much competition that content, the user experience, SEO, social networking, email marketing, and PR are all critical parts of the marketing mix.

They work best when each element considers the others and their common goals.  

Right from the start of our interview with you (see our page on How Hulsey Software Works), our team takes into account these factors, based on your business goals.

We work with you to create a solid plan of how to use your website as an effective marketing tool.

Our proposal will reflect a long-term blueprint for success.

Key Elements of Successful Websites

To be successful, your website must have certain key elements.

  • Appearance
  • Content
  • Usability
  • Search Engine Optimization


Your website must be visually appealing to your visitors. It also must establish a logical and emotional connection with them.

Through our conversations with you, we learn what your visitors are looking for and build those items into your design.

We use color, graphics, layout, and typography to generate a positive impression and keep your visitors on your site once they arrive.


Along with a pleasing appearance, your site must have great content that solves problems, issues, or opportunities.

Your site typically has 10 seconds or less to convince the visitor to explore your site further, so appearance and content must work together to keep the visitor engaged.

Copy that speaks directly to your visitors' needs gives them confidence that they are in the right place is essential.

Flashy designs and graphics can be distracting and must be used for appropriate purposes.


Your website will offer your visitors a great user experience. They will see a consistent, intuitive layout with logical navigation.

Also, it will be easy to read and understand.

We also guarantee your site will function properly on the latest versions of the most-used browsers on both Macs and PCs. We will also test Internet Explorer versions 7 through 9.

Search Engine Optimization

Only 5% of people doing a search in Google will go to the second search results page, so your site, to be successful, must rank on the first page of search engines.

Unlike most other web design and development companies, we do research right up front to determine how to rank you on the first page. It requires understanding your needs and goals and your competition's strengths and weakenesses.

We optimize both for audience and for the audience's level of understanding, so they find your appropriate pages.

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